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Monthly Archives: April 2008

You know the feeling where you want to work on a project?

That deep-in-your-gut desire to work on something you haven’t touched in awhile? The eagerness to race to a bind-off? The anticipation that comes from buying a new skein (or ten) and knowing exactly what you want to do with it?

It feels great, doesn’t it?  Exhilarating and creative, even if you’re just following a pattern, thinking about what the next part’s going to look like, planning the perfect pair of jeans or tank top to wear it with when it’s completed (nevermind that it’ll probably be several months before that day comes, if you’re lucky and dedicated).  It’s a sort of natural antidepressant.

But you know when it sucks?

When it’s finals week, you have a take-home due in two days, you’re only on page four of a fifteen-page outline for another class, you have another class you don’t understand a word of, you have to clean up your entire apartment because your family’s coming in for your graduation in ten days…and all you want to do is knit.