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Well, with the Bar Exam drawing near (panic commencing in 5, 4, 3, 2…) and the family vacation beginning immediately thereafter, I need to start figuring out what project I want to take to work on at the Lake.  About 9 days, can’t be any of the kippot because my family isn’t so aware of the conversion, and nothing too…well…gay.

I’ve had a few skeins of black acrylic yarn sitting around since about February or March, with the intention of the making some kind of sweater.  It was during my secondary Sam Seaborn phase – we all need some kind of kickass black sweater that manages to make a person look casual and hot at the same time, right?  But if I just make a regular, ribbed-bottom/stockinette-body, I’ll be bored to tears by day 2.  Especially considering that I have a hard time ramping <i>down</i> after an exam, so an easy project that requires no thought would drive me nuts.

Pictures to follow.


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