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Monthly Archives: January 2009

In December 2005, I learned to knit.

Around April 2006, I saw Rogue and decided I wanted to knit it.  Steph looked at me like I was crazy and showed me the giant Page O’Abbreviations and explained to me all the reasons I couldn’t knit it.

I learned to cable, figured out I prefer it to just about any other knitting technique, made a variety of cabled sweaters, then started looking for yarn I might want to use.

Five months later, I finally got back around to it, realized I had an extra skein (yes, one) of Naturally Caron lying around in a colour I loved, and cast on merrily last Friday afternoon. After one frogging to fix the gauge, I started rolling right along.

I’m in love.

It’s enough counting to make it therapeutic for my OCD, I have to pay attention to the side cables each row but can still watch tv (or a Party of Five box set) while I knit it, it’s actually coming along more quickly than I expected.

Then I ran out of yarn (because 185 yards only gets you so far), so I have to go to the store tomorrow before I do anything else. Whoops. I would be more concerned about dye lots, but I’ve mixed them before with this brand without incident.

The only pictures I have so far don’t really show the colour accurately – it looks way too light. The shade is actually a dark-aqua called “peacock”. Plus, well…everyone’s seen Rogue before, and at this point it’s just pictures of the bottom of the side-cables, so I don’t actually need to post it Maybe photos to follow when I’m further along.