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My partner and I have been poking around the edges of the SCA for about a year now. He grew up hanging out with friends who were in it, and we went to a newcomers meeting a couple months ago. There’s a big event our local barony sponsors every November, so it’s a good idea to start getting ready now, and it also happens to be RennFest season in Maryland. All of this is a long way of saying…

It’s time to start sewing some garb!

After a decent amount of thought and spending way too much time staring at pictures on Wiki, I’ve landed on the general personae of a merchant/tailor circa 1530. Partner agreed – mostly because it meant he didn’t have to wear the “stupid puffy pants” but also didn’t need the “ugly non-turbans”. Meaning garb will end up consisting of hose, chemise (with or without the tiny pre-ruff), long-sleeved doublet, jerkin, and some kind of skirt, likely on the jerkin.

After going to the big sale at JoAnn’s yesterday, I’m finally starting on our first set.

Nicky's Palette

My partner will be outfitted in browns, golds, and pink, which goes really well with his hair and eyes. The lowest fabric is a tan cotton flannel for hose, the gold upholstery and pink duck cloth are lower-class than I’d like for his doublet but it’s suitable for a first garb and is natural fabric, which was harder to find than it should have been. Once I find a decent store online where I can order samples to feel and look at not on a screen, I’ll gladly start ordering that way and can get a greater variety for less money, but for now I’m hesitant to order silks and satins online without being able to handle them. There’s also a chocolate brown suede for his jerkin,which is basically just enough to modify something I started last year.

My palette
Left to right: light (woad-ish) blue cotton flannel for hose, black velvet for a ridiculously complex MacGuyver-y jerkin (more on that later), and peacock blue duckcloth for the doublet. I’ll also be adding a gorgeous light amethyst dupioni silk for the doublet as well once I can get it on sale.


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